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  • Seattle Neighborhoods( Found on the familiar Wikipedia site, this is more information than you'll ever need. It is included just because it does contain so much information and it is interesting.

  • Neighbors( by one of the two major local Seattle newspapers, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, this description of Seattle's famous neighborhoods includes a map and very good, succinct descriptions.

  • Seattle Post-Intelligencer( news, sports, photos, arts and entertainment, classifieds. Find out about your new community from one of Seattle's two major newspapers.

  • Seattle Times( Seattle and Northwest local news, sports, arts and entertainment, and classified ads from the other Seattle major daily newspaper.

  • Seattle Magazine('s definitive monthly lifestyle magazine. Their Web site is a great resource for Seattle, and features a dining guide.

  • Seattle Sports ( on all of Seattle's sports.

  • Seattle Festivals & Events ( important annual events and cultural information on the Web site.

  • The Apartment Shopper( a look at the most innovative way of seeing apartments that are available in the Seattle area. Then call us to seal the deal for you.

  • Real Estate Gals( you're looking for a house to buy, this real estate firm is one I personally recommend. They helped me buy my first house ten years ago.

  • Roger Morris( also recommend Roger Morris as a realtor. Check out his Web site for even more community information.

    Feel free to email us for links to resources for any information you don't find here.